Brought to you by Beauty Geek Kate Walker @ Ruby Rouge Makeup, August 2016

Surviving the festival season!!

Throughout July and August, festival season is strong! People young and old travel across the country for some of the most spectacular displays of musical talent.

But how do you stay looking so fresh faced, selfie ready and mildly clean in the middle of a field with nothing but baby wipes?!!

Here's how ...

The prize is in the packing!

  • Pre plan your outfits before you go.
  • Take only your essentials and leave your valuables at home.
  • Cover all weather bases as there is bound to be extreme heat and torrential rain, invariably in the same half hour period!!
  • Pack your sun screen, wellies, denim shorts and a bright lipstick to see you through the weekend.

As my clients will tell you, I'm not a fan of face wipes (they tend to move make-up around your face rather than removing it) but this is an exception. Keep wipes out of the sun so they don't dry out.

The lethal combo of junk food, dehydration and sleep depravation will take its toll on your skin. Eat and sleep well leading up to the festival as your skin's healthy appearance is directly linked to your diet and body functioning. Take a brightening eye cream and drink plenty of water to flush away the toxins.

I nipped to Edinburgh Fringe festival at the beginning of August (as I do most years) to soak up the atmosphere. I grabbed a few decorative flower hair garlands from our favourite Primani and ta dah!
Stray hair curbed in seconds with an ultimate festival chic accessory (which also makes it easy to find your friends amongst the crowds!)

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