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Sunshine always makes me happy.  Having ‘fish blood’ as my Nan would always say, I love to be warm.  And like you, I want to make full use of my extensive Summer wardrobe, which will only get an annual outing - if its lucky!

Dermatologist (who are the gurus on skincare) advise us to wear sunscreen daily.  Rain or shine.  Research suggests 80% of the sun’s ultraviolent rays will pass through the clouds.  Over exposure to the sun is very aging so be sure to use the correct sunscreen protection.

Regular use of sun cream will clog pores, so exfoliating in the weeks leading up to sun exposure will reduce this.  It is a common misconception that exfoliating will remove your tan.  In fact, removing the top layer of dead skin cells will enhance your body’s natural glow and the melatonin which lies under the skin.  Make best friends with a body mitt and good body scrub.  We love Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub (

If you are over exposed to sunshine, use an aloe vera gel before bed to calm skin and take care for the following few days.

When in humid environments, keep make-up natural.  Use a long lasting tinted moisturiser which will give added bonus of being light and hydrating.  Team with a brush of feathery mascara and a tinted lip cream or moisturising gloss.  Avoid pink tones if you’ve caught the sun as you probably have enough natural reddening.

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