Brought to you by Beauty Geek Kate Walker @ Ruby Rouge Makeup, February 2016

Working at London Fashion Week is always a dream and a fantastic opportunity.  I thrive in fast paced and adrenaline fuelled environments.  The fashion world is so inspiring and everyone up’s their game.  I wanted to share with you what really goes on behind the scenes …

Backstage at the show, the makeovers generally start the same.  Lots of time for a careful application and models rotating between the separate hair, make-up and nail stations.  As time creeps closer to the curtain going up, I had a mere 15 minutes per model makeover.  Working in a small space, the temperature is warm from all the hairdryers and amount of bodies!  It is all hands on deck as the nail technicians are grabbing at the girls hands whilst I finish the make-up look.  The set up isn’t necessarily glamorous, but its where the action happens and I love it!

We all followed Maybelline’s Lead Make-up Artist Carole Colombani’s design to create the classic runway ‘naked base’ look.

Eyes were opened with eyelash curlers but otherwise left mostly bare, without mascara or eyeliner.  Brows were also kept natural, brushed through with only a small amount of clear brow gel.  We used gloss on the eyelids for some definition (this really is a catwalk trend and difficult to master for any long period of time!).  After contouring the cheeks to create some subtle indentation, more balm was applied to the apples of the cheeks.  We finished with Maybelline’s signature baby lips lip balm.  And voila!

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