Brought to you by Beauty Geek Kate Walker @ Ruby Rouge Makeup, December 2015

My second name is sparkles!

I love glitter and I’m a magpie for diamonds!!  And I love the festive party season.

But glitter make-up applied wrongly can look like you’re off to a kids Birthday party. 

In my opinion, if you love glitter - make a statement.  Chose the right occasion to embrace this bold look.  Make sure your make-up is longwearing otherwise the glitter will be all over your face and clothes!  Use the correct adhesive to prevent skin irritation (we love Duo glue).

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard ( has a fantastic high impact with a eight hour wear.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the true longevity of this product - but it still looks so cool!  As they say; attention guaranteed!

Fancy something subtler?  Add a little shimmer eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid to make a smokey eye pop.  You can double up your shimmer eyeshadow as a highlighter to highlight cheekbones by dabbing a small amount at the top of your cheek bones on the outer eye socket.

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