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Make-up Masterclass


Make-up Masterclass

It is so easy to get stuck in an everyday make-up routine and we all need to revamp our make-up bags and our own style occasionally. Sticking with the same products sometimes feels like the safer option as the fear of going to a make-up counter is too daunting!

"Kate did my makeup for a photo session. I was so impressed with her as a person and with the way the makeup looked in the photo that I booked a tutorial with her to get some new ideas for making the best of my features now that middle age has pounced. I had previously been quoted crazy prices by a few Oxfordshire-based makeup artists, and I was pleasantly surprised by Kate's reasonable fee. Especially as she really makes sure the tutorial is exactly what you want, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach."

Liz from Oxfordshire.

Whether you want to freshen up your own make-up style, ensure you are using the right products for your skin care regime or just learn how to do a smokey eye, Kate will create a personalised workshop to match your make-up wish list and skin type.

You will be invited to bring your own make-up bag and your brushes or applicators.

Perfecting your skin will always improve the application of your make-up. After your personal skin care consultation Kate will go through your current kit, identifying hygiene guidance and best before dates. Kate will present a variety of high street and designer make-up brands based on your budget. Kate works with a variety of top quality cosmetic brands but does not work on commission for any single brand, therefore you get the hot off the press, unbiased truth of what to buy!


In the latter part of the session you will learn the skills of make-up application in a step-by-step practical makeover. Your Make-up Masterclass will last approximately two hours for a reasonable price of £55.

Please contact Kate at Ruby Rouge Makeup to arrange your Make-up Masterclass